article writing masquerade

Are you pretending to be someone you are not? This is an advantage some article writers have over others. Now that I think about it this question should be asked, “Is this good or bad?” If it is used for good then it is useful. But, if it is used in an improper fashion then it is bad. So, the correct answer would be both but allow me to explain further.
Each year at Halloween schools, businesses, colleges, churches, and families have costume parties. They dress up as their favorite character whether it is a cartoon hero, cartoon villain, or a reality show actor. These characters have abilities or skill sets that stand out to them. They do not have them but admire them so much that they are willing to pretend to dress up and act like them. For a short while they can overlook their own inadequacies replacing them with their favorite character.
In reality the costume and mask are not visible no one can see them because the are only visible in your mind. It allows you to be anyone at any time regardless of the situation, problem or whatever else may be the circumstances. You pick and choose at will whenever and wherever giving you full control to manipulate the situation however it needs to be.
If at any time you want to change to another mask then feel free to do so because the choice is up to you to make the best of the current situation. Since everything is imaginary and made up in your mind except the live situation that needs attending to but you are not sure how to take care of it. It is time to call on alternative sources which will point you in the right direction to give you answers.